Sea Delight Develops Global Graduate Student Internship Program in Collaboration with University of Florida and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation


Miami, FL – January 27, 2014 – In an effort to promote international education and seafood conservation, Sea Delight, LLC, together with the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, Inc., has developed an international internship program for graduate students from the University of Florida that will provide “hands-on” experience working in the current Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) and Better Fishing Practice Initiatives (BFPIs) that they support. Graduate student interns will spend a full semester (either spring or fall) in a country working on the respective fishery improvement efforts. During this internship, the graduate student will work closely with regional contacts to implement activities supported by the FIP or BFPI, which could include data collection, data compilation and analysis, and community outreach.

“We are very excited to be able to develop this program with the support of the International Center and the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department at the University of Florida, as well as the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation” says Adriana Sanchez-Lindsay, Sea Delight’s Sustainability Coordinator and President of the Sea Delight Ocean Fund (SDOF). “By investing in the graduate student’s education and providing hands-on professional experience, we believe we are investing in the next generation of leaders in our industry.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the prospect of administering this prestigious internship program through the UF International Center. As we thrive for our students to become true ‘Global Gators’, the program will provide hands on experience abroad, which will allow our graduate students to compete exceptionally well in an ever changing global environment” says Susanne Hill, PhD., Executive Director, University of Florida International Center.
The Sea Delight Ocean Fund is working with two faculty members from the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department to help launch this internship program with their students. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to give our students real experience working on to improve commercial fisheries, and thank Sea Delight for working with us to make these internships possible,” says Micheal Allen, PhD., Professor, Freshwater Fisheries Ecology at the University of Florida. For Dr. William J. Lindberg, Associate Professor, Marine Behavioral Ecology, “real-world experiences enhance the development of fisheries professionals. We’re very grateful that the Sea Delight Ocean Fund is offering our graduate students international opportunities to learn by doing.”
In order to help launch this program, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) has provided two $5,000 graduate student scholarships to help defray other expenses incurred by a semester abroad. The internship program is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2015, with the first two University of Florida graduate students. The international location will be based on the needs of the fishery improvement program.

“Developing sustainable fisheries is a cornerstone of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation,” says Steve Stock, President of the GHOF. “The interns in this program will be working directly with the local fishermen, providing valuable experience for the interns and helping ensure that the fishermen will be able to fish sustainably for generations.”

Though this program is currently open to graduate students at the University of Florida, the Sea Delight Ocean Fund’s goal is to develop a national program and work with other NGOs and their partners in helping place students in FIPs and conservation programs around the world.

About Sea Delight Ocean Fund:
The Sea Delight Ocean Fund, Inc. (501(c)(3) status pending) was founded in 2012 as an organization to administer the existing sustainability projects led by Sea Delight, LLC., and assist with the development and funding of current and new initiatives. The Sea Delight Ocean Fund’s focus is education, strategic planning, and management of international and multicultural teams and projects, as well as fostering partnerships with members of the seafood industry and other conservation groups to assist in the proper development and implementation of marine conservation efforts.

About Sea Delight:
Sea Delight, LLC is dedicated to providing the freshest and highest-quality “tasteless smoke” seafood, including Yellowfin Tuna, Snapper, Swordfish, Grouper, Mahi-Mahi, and Tilapia, sourced from fisheries engaged in better fishing practice initiatives. Sea Delight proactively participates in Fisheries Improvement Initiatives, which contribute to the education and improvement of worldwide fishing practices at the source level to guarantee superior products. Sea Delight, LLC operates in conjunction with ADS Seafood Inc., dba Atlantic Fisheries, from its 16,000-square-foot headquarters located in Miami, Florida.

About Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation: The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) is a leader in international efforts to conserve our oceans and marine environment. The GHOF advocates for sustainable fishing practices, funds inspired scientific research and supports innovative educational programs to encourage conservation and best management practices. A principle objective of the GHOF is to help ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ocean ecosystem where fish and other marine wildlife flourish. The GHOF, in collaboration with the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University, has conducted cutting edge shark forensic research and tagging and tracking studies on sharks, billfish and tuna. GHOF grants to U.S. and international research entities are used to fund important, new pelagic fish research. The GHOF also funds youth fishing clinics and marine science programs to encourage the next user group, and future stewards of our marine resources, to enjoy our oceans responsibly.

About University of Florida International Center: Since 1991, the University of Florida International Center (UFIC), through Exchange Visitor Services, International Student Services, Study Abroad Services, and Program Development, serves in a leadership and facilitation role to further the University’s international agenda, providing assistance and support to faculty, staff, administrators, and students as well as external stakeholders in their international activities. In addition to assisting these clients, the Center also functions to enhance the University’s ability to pursue and develop international activities and partnerships appropriate to its core mission: The International Center motivates and mobilizes the UF community to integrate and sustain high-impact global dimensions in learning, discovery, and engagement, and provides administrative support to assure leadership for this vision.