Who We Are

The Sea Delight Ocean Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization which was founded under the leadership of Sea Delight, LLC.

Although one of our main goals is to continue supporting Sea Delight and its affiliates with the implementation and expansion of their existing marine conservation programs, as an organization we believe it is important to develop new programs for the improved management of global fisheries.

We believe that these programs should not only benefit the industry by ensuring a stable supply chain, but should also benefit the fishermen and their families by securing their livelihoods as they too depend on the availability of these resources.

Marine conservation programs must include a social/human component which helps address the socio-economic challenges these fishermen communities face. These communities should be empowered by their engagement in responsible fishing practices and, subsequently, their ability to differentiate their products in the market.

The cornerstone of our work is education of both the communities we work with and the general public.  We believe in the need to build education programs/workshops which help fishermen learn about better fishing practices, support the evaluation of the fishery against the Marine Stewardship Council standard in order to address its shortcomings and develop a workplan so that improvements can be made. Likewise, educating the public on the existing issues facing the health of our oceans will not only create more awareness but will help consumers understand that through their “purchasing power” they are able to generate change.

As we continue to grow we will be able to work with other key players and support their marine conservation goals as well as expand our internship program for Graduate Students interested in working in Fishery Improvement Projects.