Education Outreach- Responsible Seafood Sourcing

In an increasingly global market, celebrity chefs and customers alike are becoming aware of the issues affecting our ocean’s health and have decided to generate change through their purchasing power. Hence, the importance of providing current chefs and culinary students with information they can utilize to review their sourcing practices and choose to develop a responsible seafood sourcing policy. We would like to give a special thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program and to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation for providing us with copies of their Seafood Guides and Recommendations. We would also like to thank FishWise for providing information about responsible seafood and wild and farmed production methods that we could share with chefs at the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Palm Beach Chapter meeting on Sept 8th, 2014 as well as the Feast of the Sea Seafood Festival on Sept 13th, 2014.


Adriana Sánchez-Lindsay, president of the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, was provided an opportunity to give a presentation about Responsible Seafood Sourcing to ACF members in which she discussed wild and farm raised certifications, sustainable seafood programs, and ways in which chefs can become active participants in the seafood sustainability discussion. These include by assessing their supply chain and, through a risk assessment, determine whether they would like to purchase seafood products that are certified or work within their supply chain as well as local NGOs (such as FishWise, New England Aquarium and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program) on how to source products from Fishery Improvement Projects.

IMG_5175                          IMG_5178

Feast of the Sea Seafood Festival on September 13, 2014, provided yet another venue to reach a larger audience of attendees about the importance of marine conservation programs and seafood sustainability. Sea Delight was the seafood sponsor for the VIP section. As participants we were able to provide additional information about the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, our programs and also share with attendees the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program Southeast Consumer Guides.

IMG_7170        IMG_5250

IMG_5269 Adriana Sánchez-Lindsay and Frine Longueira


It has been a great month for education outreach for the Sea Delight Ocean Fund. We look forward to participating in more activities and sharing with others, not only the work we are doing, but also the incredible resources that are available through organizations such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, FishWise, etc.


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