Supporting HAPPI – Helping Autistic and Pancreatic Patients Internationally

Sea Delight Ocean Fund is proud to have collaborated with Chef Ryan Martin of 180º at the DRB for the launch of the Robin Shari Parker HAPPI Foundation at their HAPPI Hours fundraising event on Thursday, March 30th at the stunning Allied Kitchen and Bath Design Center.

Chef Ryan Martin prepared his delicious and mouth-watering sustainable Tuna Poke Taco with spicy and citrus accouchements to the 150 guests celebrating the launch of this fantastic charity organization.

HAPPI – Helping Autistic and Pancreatic Patients Internationally.

Sea Delight, LLC  once again donated  handline caught tuna from Vietnam, source from one of the Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) that the Sea Delight Ocean Fund supports.  “We believe in the importance to continue working with Chefs and organizations in promoting the consumption of responsibly sourced seafood. Research has shown the incredible benefits of eating seafood to maintain a healthy diet and we are happy to be able to support the launch of this wonderful organization,” Adriana Sanchez, President of the Sea Delight Ocean Fund and Sustainability Director at Sea Delight, LLC.

The Robin Shari Parker HAPPI Foundation is a Florida-based 501(c )(3) organization formed to support education, research, and family care for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum and related social-communication disorders, as well as those impacted by pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Robin Parker was a beloved, gifted, and globally respected speech-language pathologist who was known for her expertise in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Robin Shari Parker died on July 16, 2014 at the age of 50 after a brief battle with Pancreatic Cancer. As in everything Robin did, she fought hard but eventually lost her battle to this dreadful disease and leaves her legacy with all she knew and touched.




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